"Dear Mr. Hake, Just wanted to take a moment of your time to let you know that it was a pleasure dealing with a member of your team, Jose Vargas. He has taken care of two different electrical needs in my home over the last couple of months and ..."

"Hello, Just wanted to pass along some positive feedback about Richard Kross who went to Estrella, number 41, Pignone yesterday. The homeowners were very happy with him. They said he was nice, pleasant, cordial and truly went out of his way to lo ..."

"New Electrics customer service department is great. Thank you for everything you do. Danielle and Amanda are very sweet whenever they answer the phone. I understand that these jobs are hard and I just wanted to give positive feedback. ..."

"Jason was patient, so nice, upbeat, and professional. He checked everything and was very thorough. I was very very happy to have him do the work. Marilyn F. ..."

"Scott called in to say he appreciates New Electric and all that we do, that with even everything going on our guys still dont miss appointments. New Electric goes above and beyond to help with anything. Our customer service department is willing to h ..."

"I just wanted to pass along some comments from the City of Peoria inspectors. I completed my final inspections yesterday at the Westwing Models and the inspectors were extremely pleased that I was using New Electric. I had three inspectors at the ins ..."

"Call in from Homeowner: Thank you so much, your tech was amazing! He went above and beyond to fix the problem even though it was another trades issue. He took care of it and was absolutely fabulous! ..."

"I wanted to let you know that Matt R from New Electric was out to our home this morning and spent 3 hours checking and replacing the wire clips on every can light. New Electric also reimbursed us for the work we had done previously. I was impressed ..."

"Amanda is amazing, she is easy to talk to on the phone and is always willing to help and will get me the answers in a timely manner. New Electric customer service is amazing. They are always willing to work with us on days and time. Never have to ..."

"From Curtis, a homeowner at David Weekleys Acacia Estates community: I wanted to call and say I really liked Mr. Vargas. He did a great job and he is the best technician that has been to my home and I would like to request him for any future work. ..."

"Mr. Hession, I am compelled to write to you regarding Jose V. He is not only an asset to your company but ours as well. Jose is always upbeat and has a "can do" attitude. Its very refreshing to work with a true professional like Jose. On many occa ..."

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being such a great business partner to work with. Both Andrea and Javier, you guys are awesome!! You always take care of me and even on short notice you rise to the challenge and I so appreciate you both. Ke ..."

"I am writing this email to let you know that as we have completed Grand Village and North Copper Canyon 68, your superintendent on site Joaquin was an enormous help to us. As stressful of a building environment as 2020 was, Joaquin remained professio ..."

"The homeowner was very happy with the work done at his home. He stated Antonio was the nicest, most helpful tech they have ever had in their house. ..."

"New Electric is one of the best electrical companies to work with from scheduling to the personnel out in the field. The project manager in the area is always willing to help get the job done. When having to call and schedule it never feels like she ..."

"Just wanted to let you know my wife said Antonio did a fantastic job. He was courteous, awesome, friendly and knew exactly what was wrong and she and myself wanted to let you know that he is a great representation of New Electric. ..."

"We do not know where we would be without Joaquin who fixed a lot of our major electrical problems. ..."

"I would like to recognize Pablo for walking Del Rio lot 93 and finding that all the kitchen cabinets were laid out in reverse. I was very impressed that during these stressful times that one of your employees would actually double check the work and ..."

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know Manny from New Electric was at my door first thing this morning and fixed the closet light. Thanks for your diligence in this matter. Manny did a great job. Hes a keeper! Thanks again. Mary, ..."

"I want to recognize Stoney who does a great job of making sure everything is covered and taken care of, my roughs are done very well. He really knows his stuff, I have actually learned things, which is great because two things that are difficult as f ..."

"Spoke to the homeowner and she complimented New Electric and said Cecilio was super nice, cleancut, and VERY thorough in his job. She really appreciated all that was done. Homeowner was very pleased, thank you. ..."

"Just wanted to say thank you for staying on top of things. Andrea always replies right away to my emails and I get responses out on the field right away! Thank you! ..."

"Good Morning! I wanted to take a minute to recognize one of your employees that is always willing to help at any time. Nate I is a blessing to have out here at Sky Crossing. I know we all are quick to jump when things go wrong but we hardly take the ..."

"Call in after a same-day appointment - I wanted to call in and thank you for getting a tech to my home so quickly. Antonio was careful and did an awesome job. I was impressed that he was able to correct the issue so quickly. Thank you again! ..."

"I wanted to share with your office some feedback that I received from the homeowner at Cooley Station lot 702, regarding one of your technicians. Homeowner said he was very nice to deal with and was pleased with his work. I too, was at this appointme ..."

"Homeowner from Taylor Morrisons Aloravita called in and said Jason W was a Rockstar for her same day service of no power to master bedroom. She said Jason was amazing and fixed the issue quickly, which really helped her out since they are moving in. ..."

"I just wanted to let you know that I was thrilled with Antonio. Antonio is very professional, cleaned everything up and was courteous and kind. I wanted to make sure you were aware of what an asset he is to New Electric. ..."

"I just wanted to take a moment and send a quick note about Joaquin whom I work with at NCC. I know how busy everybody is especially at the end of the year, Joaquin is doing a great job for me at NCC. He takes the time to check any and all items from ..."

"From a voice message: Called to give a kudos to Elder to let you know that he is awesome, patient, and quick. It is always nice to work with Elder. He rocks. ..."

"Just wanted to call and say thank you for taking care of the homeowner at Vistancia A29 and a thank you to New Electrics technician Nate for being patient and polite with the homeowner, even when she grew upset. Nate moved the j-box for the homeowner ..."

"I just met with one of New Electrics technicians out at Seaboard Cooley Station. I just wanted to leave a message to say he was excellent, this has been a difficult homeowner. Jose explained everything very well to the customer and did everything he ..."

"A big THANK YOU and a HAND SALUTE to the gentleman who paid for my lunch at McDonalds Sunday Nov 11th. Your recognition and appreciation means a lot to the Vietnam Veterans! You are a true PATRIOT sir. Best regards. ..."

"I would like to take a moment to give you some feedback on your technician Elder. Just wanted to send him a shout out for always going above and beyond for us and our homeowners. Every time he is on call, we meet up and he takes the time to explain w ..."

"I wanted to take a moment and write a few words about the great job one of your employees does for T.W. Lewis by David Weekley Homes. I run the construction at The Reserves at Estrella and this gives me the opportunity to work with Elder on a regular ..."

"Share some kudos for David, he worked some magic and was able to get the wiring done with zero drywall damage. Make sure you put in a good word for me, excellent job! ..."

"Thank you so much for the help your team provided to our team and our homeowner. The efforts and communication skills exhibited by the New Electric team to resolve this complicated issue so quickly cement why David Weekley Homes has decided to partne ..."

"I wanted to let you all know that you are an awesome group. I am very thankful for Antonio who addressed the issue and did not stop until he found it. From Melanie, customer service representative at Fulton: I also wanted to thank you for taking s ..."

"Omar came out yesterday to add the late electric changes on Lot 13. He did an excellent job, minimum drywall repairs, cleaned up after himself and I believe he came one hour under the original estimate. Great Job Omar - thank you New Electric team! ..."


Chito is such a professional. I met him over at a homeowner service call and he took measurements and took the time to make sure everything will be done right and with less damage. Chito accommodated his schedule to complete the work within a shor ..."


Thank you all for the techs you have assigned to Estrella. First, I would like to recognize Elder's hard work and dedication to his job. He is always fast to answer any questions and help with any concerns. Second, I would like to recognize yo ..."


I can always count on New Electric to make it to every appointment. No matter what the situation I know I can call New Electric and they will do what they can to help out. New Electric always goes the extra mile. When anyone asks me for a recommen ..."

"Jason is really sweet and kind, so very helpful and always on time. He is willing to take the extra time to explain what he did or why it works, which is helpful for CalAtlantic and the homeowners. He is always smiling and happy no matter which home ..."

"From a call from Tom J, a homeowner at AV Homes Canta Mia P 12 Community: Elder did a wonderful job, (he is) kind, patient & knew what he was doing. Elder changed out the mgfi in the garage & reset his S/Dís. Elder went over with Tom about the fi ..."

"Shea Homes sent a card in recognition of the positive attitude and performance of Elder Garcia of New Electric. ..."

"Homeowner called in to give a compliment for Jason M. who came out to her house. Jason went above and beyond in explaining and teaching the homeowner what needed to be done. Jason walked around with the homeowner and explained a GFCI. The homeowner w ..."